138DX/1 - Vatican City State

Public Pics/Proofs and Statements for 138DX/1

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journey sat-nav St. Peters Basilica St. Peters Basilica
Pontificia Universitas Urbaniana entrance nearly in 138 security checks
streetview 1DX041, sign, newspaper newspaper newspaper date
approved mobile station car stone sign
706 and gps 706 and gps gps googleearth
antennas elevator high view football field
leisure areas inner square inner square HV4NAC antennas
HV4NAC antennas HV4NAC antennas HV4NAC antennas and inner square St. Peters Basilic
View of football field seen from from rooftop of HV4NAC antennas 1DX041 HV4NAC antenna tower HV4NAC antennas seen from base of tower HV4NAC station shack
HV4NAC station shack HV4NAC QSL HV4NAC QSL backside
Birdsview of NAC Birdsview of Pontificia NAC carpark Extraterritorial Zone border, 138DX1 position, NAC entrance port Entrance ports and 138DX1 position
1 picture bulletproof 138DX/1 picture timestamp HV4NAC permit HV4NAC station rules
La Repubblica News paper La Repubblica News paper from before, notice date News paper, 138DX/1 radio, GPS GPS LAT/LON
GPS Google Earth latin time to go Caput Mundi sign
NAC coat of Arms side entrance still there leave