Story 13DX/BY024

Story from 13DX/BY024 activity.

Hello again, the 4 river tour with a double-IWI activation

Remember, we have to authorization by the police LOL

After we charged the battery from the laptop in the Bürgerking, we go to second island at the present day. "Sport Iceland 2" is a big island but very little opportunity to set up an antenna. The place was close to the railway and there are many cross-country power lines. Therefore, the high noise level on our side.

The weather was just over 15 ° C / sunshine bud with some strong wind that we doubled the rigging of the mast. The beginning was very good 2 stations from Brazil and we were entusiastic……….. but Skip was very short and by the noises, it was very difficult to hear the complete callsign in the QRM.

Get in 2 hours, only 13 station in the log. Not a pretty conclusion that we had hoped otherwise. The weather was worse, the wind increased in strength and dark clouds were on the sky. We finished this aktivity.

Summary of the day. The conditions of the last days before were not very good and therefore we expected a much worse result.

Thank you for your call
Our next iWi activity coming soon, stay tuned

Best regards
Uli 13DX056 and Daniel 13IR074