Story 13DX/ST021

Story from 13DX/ST021 activity.

Hi again

The island is very large in relation to ST046. After many phone calls with the owners we got to enter only permission in the field of road that leads with 2 bridges over the island.

You can see in the photos. The weather was that day gracious, it was cloudy and about 20 ° C .The station was set up and we started to call. The condition was the same as the day before. I took many photos to prove because the island is so big to take a panoramic Pic.

It was very difficult to fill the log. But Wolf made a contact with 227 Div. 5-9 itl “new one” for him. We closed the station at 15:00 local time.

We was back home 16:30 MEZ.

Many Thanks to all.

73 de Wide Wild East Team
13DX014 13DX056