Story 14DX/36054R

Story from 14DX/36054R activity.

Had leave house to approx 8:30 am utc, it's raining, temp approx 4c, just hoping better conditions there in Mehun#1 island, 140 kms drive and arrive to Villedieu Sur Indre where many iWi take place.

I have to drive across Mehun#2 to land on #1, not easy way, haven't got 4x4 hi !

When found nice place i check long/lat, and starting to built antenna, suddenly some hundreds mosquitos attacks.....

I moved to 200m away and no more bzzzzz around my ears.

1st cq was given around 7:25 am utc, beaming 100/120 degres bs is good but many qrm and qrn, it's rainning and i have to turn skypper very often.

As usually was hard to keep clear frequency.

Many thanks all who tried and made contact. See you on next island.

73s de 14DX181 Marc