Story 161DX/Z453

Story from 161DX/Z152 activity.

2015 Islands Festival activation of: 161DX/Z453 Bielawki, 161DX/Z152 Mierzejki, 161DX/Z446 Smug story.

Hi IOTA & IWI Hunters,
Time goes very fast and new challenge in front of me. This year I took decision to go to North – West part of Poland in Swinoujscie city area. Two months ago I have applied for permission to install antenna on islands located at the Wolinski national Park. Unfortunately this process took 2 months and finally I have got permission 2 days before Festival. Due this reason I declared to activate different islands located out of Wolinski National Park. I have booked small summer house at Karsibor island and on Friday very late afternoon I have arrived directly from business trip to my destination.

Saturday 6th, I woke up very early and start loading whole equipment to the rowing boat, but last year I have bought engine to the boat. This process took half an hour and I start trip to Bielawki – Z453 island on the beginning. It wasn’t far from my location at Karsibor island but finding good for landing place took some time. After setting up skipper antenna radio was switched on and I was active in the air. First call took place at 7:23 GMT and 14DA049 was in the log. Sorry Guys for not so good audio from my side, but this year I had to use my 20 years old Alan 87 with KL 503 of course. Propagation wasn’t good and after 4 hours disappeared totally. I took decision to leave Bielawki island and go back to Karsibor and wait for propagation. Unfortunately the rest of day was without propagation.

Next day, Sunday 7th the same story from early morning, loading whole equipment to the boat add gasoline to the tank and Z152 was destination for Sunday morning.
I was ready to start with Z152 Mierzejki island activation from 8:00 GMT and 14RS013 was logged as the 1st station from this new one on 11 meters band. After 2 hrs. of activation I took decision to change island from Mierzejki to Z446 Smug island. The same story with finding good place for landing, always a lot of reeds on every island. Antenna was set up at 12:00 GMT and 14RS051 was logged as the 1st station.

Propagation wasn’t better comparing to previous day, only ca. 30 stations in the log. I have logged in total very low number of stations, but as always it was very good fun for our community.

I have decided to finish activation at 16:30 GMT and de-install whole equipment.

I would like to say big thank you very much to all Hunters for calling me and once again sorry for not good comparing to previous years audio.

73’s de Slawek