Welcome to the informationpage of 257DX/1 held during June 2003.
The activities is held by 14DX007, Mr Vincent.

This page is mainly made to offer all friends log-search, and general information.

We hope for good propagation and many stations in the log.

Mr Vincent
14DX007 - Please: NO callsign on envelope
Mr. Vincent
P.O. Box 202
DK-2640 Hedehus
Denmark (Europe)

E-mail to manager: Click here.

Equipment used:
- antennas: 3 element Yagi, Dipole and Sirio AS170
- radio: Alinco DX70 100Watt
- microphone: original handheld
- power supply: Alinco DM330

Activity schedule:
04/06 to 10/06: 257DX/1 Rodriques Island IOTA AF-017

Propagation Predictions:
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Total number of stations in 257DX/1 log: 657 from 46 DXCC's

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QSL design:
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Audio clip:
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