The complete story...

We came from East, we came from West...
We came from North, we came from South...

Approx. 25 radio operators met in Andorra during the weekend 21+22+23 March 2003 at Hotel Euroski in Andorra.

All was organized by 51DX401 Christian.

We met Friday afternoon in the lobby/bar at Hotel Euroski. Many meeting each others for the first time, chatting and having a super time - in a great atmosphere.
Others in fantastic re-consolidation.

At approx. 20:00 we left the Hotel, in order to visit Andorra City, and find something to eat. Chris had organized dinner at a local Tapas Restaurant - not for tourists, but for the origin Andoorian.
It was a pleassure to feel the genuine hospitality from locals that we didin't know.

After lots of tapas food we left the Restaurant heading of for one of the Hottest IN places in Andorra: Night Club La Borsa.
The music was pumping, the Dancefloor was full. Our group was devided in two: Those hanging in the bar, tired after several days of travel - and those with less travel time. They were found at the Dance floor dancing disco to todays latest Pop and Dance-music.

Saturday morning - Almost all met for breakfast at the Hotel restaurant. After this we had a few hours off - some went to the famous Andorra Caldea Thermal Pool, othes took a extra nap at their Hotel room, some went shopping (radio equipment of course), and others went with Chris to see how the 'natives' lives in Andorra (we went to Christians appartment).

Lunch was held at the Hotels Restaurant. We had a delicious Lunch, the local names of different food are unfortunately unknown to me.

After Lunch many of us again met in the Hotels Lobby/Bar for friendly chat.

As many of the participators are members of Delta-Xray Radio Club (DXRC), these members were scheduled to meet at 18:00 for debate of internal DXRC matters.

After a small re-organizing, Dinner was set at 21:00 at the Hotels Restaurant. All were again together for Dinner (and again we had delicious local food) - and after Dinner we sent to our conference room for Videos and ongoing Party.

We had World Premiere at several Videos and Slide shows:
- 213AT/DX (1) and (2)
- 226DX/1 (+ IWI's)
- 284AT/0

213AT/DX was presented by 21AT116 Chris and was in fact both The World Premiere of the video from the activation in spring 2001 and a slideshow from the activation in spring 2002.

226DX/1 + IWI's was presented by 30DX184 George, 30DX299 Gaby and 30DX401 Christian. We saw a very interesting slideshow, with lots of interesting pictures - and proof. The activation was held in April 2002.

Finally we were blessed by the slideshow from 284AT/0 from September 2001. This was presented by 30DX184 George, which was planned to be at 284 as well, but because of September 11th terror in New York, all flights were cancelled from Europe to USA.
Anyway, unable to actually be at 284 George managed a great presentation of the activation with lots of interesting pictures.

We all send the biggest THANKS to the people making these presentations - fantastic and very very interesting !
During the evening we decided to send 2 special greetings. This was done via telephone to 2 DXRC-members, which unfortunately could not join us for the meeting: 13DX015 Pete and 19DX121 Mike. We had a lot of fun practicing what to shout to the telephone, and after several tests, we finally called. Both Mike and Pete heard and understood the message from 30 happy radiofriends...

After a fantastic evening we ended at a local nightclub, where 30DX299 Gaby took over and amused all of us. Thanks Gaby, Great show :-) And thanks for being a great friend, when we need company.
(For general information: Gaby is a great Pile Up Breaker and List Manager, with strong signals. Always 5/9. Always a good friend, helping others to come through the Pile Up, to work new ones.)

Again, breakfast at the Restaurant, yet a bit later than yesterday. After breakfast (some of us) went shopping, as prices in Andorra are quite cheap.

At approx. 11:00 we all went to one of the wellknown Andoorian Mountains for DX'ing and - for many of us - for Snow Bike Riding.
We had 3 enjoyfull hours at the mountain, unfortunately without any serious DX, as propagation was gone, lost, away, off, unplugged.

Well, if it wasn't for our radios at the cars and the internal QSO's while driving to the Mountain, we didn't spend much time by the radio during this weekend.

Time went, many of us tried "The Wild Ride" at the Snow Bikes, and we were hungry and ready to the final farewell lunch at Andorras Hottest Lunch BBQ Restaurant.

No one can claim they left their table hungry, and after champagne to all big farewell scenes took place at the Parking lot.

The meeting was officially over!
Now we all only had one thing in mind - our travel home. Some via aeroplane - some via train, some via bus and most via car.

We went to East, we went to West...
We went to North, We went to South...


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