Other Andorra Meeting Pictures

Here you can see "other" pics from the weekend.
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The pics presented at this page are from the trip made by
47DX002 Soren, 47DX052 Tom, 47DX101 John and 47DX132 Carsten.

Trip TO Andorra:
The car left John's QTH Thursday morning - very early - at 3:00 AM. At 5:00 AM all 4 was on board the car.

We took a ferry from Denmark to Germany 05:40 AM - and paused several times during "Germany". At approx. 18:00 we entered France, and approx. 24:00 we found a Formula 1 Hotel nearby Lyon.

Here we left around 9:00 AM, and entered Andorra approx. 15:00, while we had a QSO with Vincent 14DX007, already arrived in Andorra - and now skiing at the slopes. Vincent has a portable SSB-radio :-)

At 16:02 we entered the Hotel - we thought - however we could not find the hotel. Therefore our arrival was at 16:30.

Trip FROM Andorra:
We crossed Andorra border around 17:00 and in the car we had Vincent 14DX007, as Vincent had to catch a train from the nearest Andoorian trainstation. This is approx. 1 hours drive from Andorra - in France.

After saying Good Bye to Vincent, we continued towards Lyon for some hours of sleep. Passing Carcassone city we heard 14AT055 Patrick call CQ at 555. We called him - and was immidiately invited to Patricks house.

To meet - and still save time - we agreed to meet at a freeway stop, where Patrick greeted us with champagne and cookies - indeed a great moment. Thanks Patrick.
After 1 hours meeting, we again headed Lyon and arrived at approx. 2:00 AM at a Formula 1 Hotel - and left the Hotel again at 10:00 AM Monday morning. Monday was a hard day - John was home at 04:30 AM - Tired.

We all had a great trip - in total 5 days. The days in Andorra will never be forgotten - the trip will never be forgotten !!!!

See you all again

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10 minutes break... View from back seats... View from front seats... Where are we???
Spring in South France... Spring in South France.... Spring in South France..... Welcome to Andorra...
Welcome to Andorra... Welcome to Andorra.... Welcome to Andorra... Welcome to Andorra...
Constructing going on... Andorra - in the Mountains.... Typical Andorian Houses - old styre... Typical Andorian Houses - old styre...
Say CHHEEEEEEEESE... Hotel Euro Esqui... Farewall Andorra... Carcassone Castle...
14AT055 Patrick opening a bottle of champagne... Say Cheeeeeeeeeese... Lets take one one... Will we meet again???

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