At this page you will find Guidelines about DXRC-Bureau and the different ways you can request a QSL-card from the DXRC-Bureau, also DXRC activators can find information about how the DXRC-Bureau will help you with DXRC Activity QSL's.

All QSL-cards for Official DXRC activities are handled by DXRC-Bureau.

***UPDATE*** 08/03/2021:
As of 08/03/2021 all 2020 Official DXRC Activation QSL's are sent.

***UPDATE*** 18/01/2019:
DXRC Bureau Postal address has changed, the new postal address is: DXRC Bureau, Skovvaenget 24, DK-6440 Augustenborg, Denmark.

Postal Address:
In 01/02/2014 the DXRC-Bureau changed QSL Bureau Manager and Postal Address, for all Official Activity QSL's the correct Address is:

Skovvaenget 24
DK-6440 Augustenborg

QSL Bureau Manager:
Mr. Jesper 47DX109

Do you have a question re. Official DXRC Activity QSL's ?, all enquiries regarding past, present and future Official Activity QSL's should be sent to this new E-Mail address: .

Claiming QSL's from DXRC Bureau.
There are 2 ways to request a DXRC activity QSL from DXRC-BUREAU:

1. Online Request Request QSL's online and receive printed QSL-card(s) the traditional way. We prefer QSL-Request via e-mail to this address: .

2. Normal postal system: Send your QSL to our address (receive a printed traditional QSL-card)

DXRC-Bureau accepts contribution sent by PayPal, please send PayPal payments to this email address: , alternately click on the PayPal button below:

Insert your callsign here:

To read general information about how DXRC-Bureau works, please click here.

See our list of Official DXRC Club Activities here.

Exchanging Personal QSL's:
Exchange of QSL-cards for QSO's with members working from home or using portable callsigns goes directly to the member - see our memberslist here.

This means that DXRC-members themselves are responsible for their own personal QSL'ing ( or his/her personal manager is) - Personal QSL'ing is not the DXRC-Bureau or the Clubs responsibility.
Each member should have either an address available for QSL-exchange or a valid email address so he can be contacted via email.

Version 2.6 - date: 20/03/2017

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