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Are you a possible new member to DXRC?
Please contact one of the DXRC Mentors to discuss enrolment to DXRC.
You can choose your own Mentor to contact.

Notice please that only DXRC Mentors can enrol new members to DXRC even though enrolment always is a cooperation between your DXRC Mentor, DXRC President 47DX088 Mette and DXRC Enrolment Secretary 30DX044 Carmen.
Find the DXRC Mentors listed in at our memberslist here.

Please download, reply and send this document to your chosen DXRC Mentor and DXRC Secretary (30DX044 Carmen).

Notice please that your DXRC Mentor will be your primary contact person to DXRC not only in the enrolment process but also for your first 2 years of membership at DXRC. During this period please use your DXRC Mentor to discuss all about your membership - expect also your mentor to discuss this topic with you :-)
All members can also always contact our President directly.

Final responsibility of enrolment and membership is in the hands of the clubs President.

Are you a DXRC member and do you want to be a DXRC Mentor?
Only DXRC Mentors can help DXRC and support us in the work enrolling new members to our club.

As a DXRC Mentor, you must have participated at our 2 hours web/Skype course, explaining all about the Mentor system and explaining all about our enrolment programme.
The course is in English language.

Normally we will expect you to hold at least 3-4 years of experience as a DXRC member before you can be a DXRC Mentor.

If you wish to be a Mentor, please apply via email to and learn more about the programme.


For DXRC Mentors
Enrolment of new members to DXRC is a complex affair. Thank you for helping with this job.
Its important that all are enrolled in the same way, we therefore ask you to follow these instructions:

In case you disagree with the programme or parts of the programme, please contact President Mette or leave your Mentor position.

1. Its your job to support DXRC President and DXRC Enrolment Secretary 30DX044 Carmen in the enrolment process by carrying through the interview/dialogue with the applier.
2. Its your responsibility that the new member - when enrolled - understands more or less all about DXRC.
3. You will be in charge for the new members behaviour as a DXRC-member for the new members first 24 months of membership. Therefore, please only accept appliers that you can and will "stand up for". You will have responsibility for the new member for a long period of time.

ATTENTION: In case you feel its best to terminate the enrolment process for a certain applier, please do not hesitate to inform 30DX044 Carmen about this. Normally DXRC President Mette will inform the applier about the decision from DXRC - however you can also do this yourself.
In case of doubts, please contact 30DX044 Carmen emmediately.

What is special about DXRC?
1. The right members: Since DXRC is not a "traditional" radio club wanting as many members as possible (we prefer the right member) we have to attract "the right members" = those persons that understands about DXRC's Vision and want to fight for the Vision (Our Vision: Friendship, Changes, New standards, Cooperation and To be active).
In case an applier can not, will not or simply dont agree with our Vision, then we will not accept membership for this person.

2. What is DXRC all about??
We want to make changes to our band, we want to push the band forward in a certain direction. This is similar to politics: We have a goal, and we want others to move towards that goal.
Our goal is written in our Vision.

Lets find a few examples to underline our Vision:
(not in any specific order)

Friendship: We are a group of people that are friends. We might not have met all our fellow club members, but we try to, i.e. by joining the clubs World meetings, say "Hello" on air, and "Ciao" at forums. We support one another, and we never attact one another in public. Disagreement is OK, we are not afraid to debate different matters for instance via our internal email list.

We are never illoyal to our fellow club members, or any official club representative nor the club in general.

As we see it, this is what friendship is about...

Changes: Changes can be many things, some changes are good, some are not. Some changes are good in some situations, some are not. Its important that we secure that our hobby is "on the move" - to the better.
Example: Through the years from the beginning of 11m DX til around 2001, there was no interest in showing proofs from all the interesting activations. Many of us has interesting QSL-cards, and we strongly belive some of them are not valid as the activations was fake. Can we trust any person in this world? Do you trust each and every person in this world?

Today is so simple: Just present your proof from your activity and let this peak for itsenlt. Then each operator can decide for himself if we belive in the proof - or not.

We want to show the 11m world how simple it is... This is why we put a huge effort in showing proofs from all our of activities.
Notice: we are not talking about showing some pictures or some filmclips. We want PROOF - we want the material to PROOVE....
We want to see material so we overall belive that the activation actually took place at the specified time from the specified location. Thats what proofs all about....

This is why we say: its better to work one station and show great proofs than work 100 stations and have bad or no proofs.

Notice: We know that in very few and rare cases its not possible to present all proofs in full public and without sensorment...

Another example of the changes we want to make is that we dislike SES (Special Event Stations). As we see it, its nothing else than a stupid excuse for being active from home (doing "Armchair activities") hiding behind another callsign.
We encourage all to be active from home - with their home callsign and exchange QSL-cards on request.

New Standards: To move the band and our hobby forward we need to keep pushing and do new (good) things.

DXRC has implemented a 100% clear and easy-to-understand new standard: All QSL to Official DXRC Activities goes via DXRC Bureau. Also, we ALWAYS QSL, the club take full responsibility for our QSL-management, inklusive the financials. When you send a QSL to DXRC Bureau, then you can be certained that you will receive a QSL in return.

From 2012 DXRC Bureau will present yet another innovative thing: Subscribe to all the Official DXRC activities you work - and receive a QSL without doing anything.

We strongly belive in Cooperation. Via cooperation we can achive even more than we can do alone.

We support independent operators worldwide. Some with radios and antennas, others with QSL-management.
We are in cooperation with website. Via this cooperation only DXRC-members can use the letter/abbrivations "DX" at website. Without this cooperation every person could sign up and look like he/she was a member of our club.

To be active:
We have two sayings: "The club is nothing - the members are everything" and "Without our members we are nothing."
This means that the Voice of DXRC is spoken by our members. So if we have no active members, like many clubs worldwide, we have no voice and we can nogt achive our goals.
As the reason we are here is that we want to make changes and go for our goals, then we need active members...

- good behaviour in the Pile Up
- we always QSL with valid and approved DXRC QSL-cards on request
- We are active members ("on air", at emaillists, at clusters etc)
- we use our DXRC callsign - as we understand that we do not support DXRC Vision if we do not only active DRC members
- we are "on air" from home with home callsign (we never do SES) have to be in dialogue (via interview) with the applier to learn more about this person. Via the dialogue we will find out some essential things about the applier.

For you its important to understand that Delta-Xray Radio Club is a radio club for (our) friends. In other words: Its not a club for all.
The most important part of our friendship is respect.
We therefore spend some time to find out if the applier is a respectful person.


----------------------------------- Information you need to know:
What do we need to tell appliers - just to be certain that we avoid misunderstandings: 1. DXRC History - started in 2001, 7 friends that wanted something NEW - Idea: There are 200 clubs, why make yet another one?? - politics: We set a GOAL, and we go for that goal. Our goal is: To make changes to our band. 2. Organisation Diagram DXRC is NOT a democratic club. The club is managed by the President, 47DX088 Mette. The President is in charge and the President decides. We have a Working Team that supports our President - in physical work ("jobs to do") and decisions. But: The President decides. As a DXRC-member we all must accept this. 3. Activities Activities are done either for yourself or for the club. When done for the club its an Official Club Activities and then also presented at DXRC website - with an activity webpage. When a member wants to run an Official club Activity, then the contract must be used In the contract, notice deadlines (!!) for proofs, pictures, story etc. Proofs are extremely important for us. QSL-management is ALWAYS via DXRC Bureau. 4. DXRC Meetings We hold Meetings every 18-24 month. The meetings are based on a Frame (meeting content) - the Frame is made by the club but besides that the meeting is arranged by 2-3 of the members and held locally. 5. Callsigns. Only active members supports DXRC. Therefore we all use our DXRC as our official callsign. If we use other callsigns we do not support DXRC and as a DXRC-members there is no reason to support other clubs, especially as other clubs do have other agenda than ours. 6. Membership standards: We have some simple expectations to our members: Keep your promises Send in membership fee on a yearly basis, else your are not a members anylonger 7. ------------------------------------

Then, our club is based on changes - changes to our band. Its therefore important that an applier wants to go the same way as we do. If not, there is no reason for an applier to join DXRC.

Only when the applier understands and agree with us that changes is good and needed, we are interested in this person as a new members.
This obviously means that we do not want to have a new member, if this new member does not agree.
What is the interview all about?

So, how do we find out if the applier is good for DXRC?
Based on Best Practice we use "the Interview Method" - the same method we used when we enrolled you.
xxxxxxxxxxxx To open up the dialogue, to find out if the applier is expected to me a happy DXRC-member, we have to

1. Why does he/she apply for membership at our club?
There are hundreds of clubs available "out there", so why does the applier choose to ask for membership at DXRC? Why not choose AT, IR, SD or another club?
Since DXRC wants to make changes to our band, we categorize answers like this:
+ Because I want to support DXRC in making a better band - I belive that what you do is very good
+ Because the behaviour seen from all other DXRC members are like I behave
+ Because I the seriosity and gentlemanship seen by other DXC-members is the same way I work my radio
- Because I like the letters "DX" in a callsign
- Because DXRC is a popular club
- Because I want to be associated to some of your celebrity members
- Because I am tired of my old club (yes, thats why you look for a new club, but why choose DXRC as a new club??)
- Because I want to take advantage of DXRC Buro
- Because I have friends in DXRC (Good, but thats not really a reason for asking for membership at our club!! - you can still have friends at DXRC without being a member)

2. How can you contribute to DXRC and the work DXRC do?
Does the applier expect a "classic" club membership: Pay the membership fee and use the callsign as you wish? If so, then DXRC might not a club for the applier.
+ I would like to contribute by being an active DXRC member
+ I want to promote friendship
+ I want to promote good operating standards
+ I want to support DXRC where you prefer it, maybe I can do some administrational work?
+ I want to activate some interesting DXCC's and islands in the future
- I want to activate some SES and "X"otas in the future
- Contribution, I have no idea, why should I contribute?
- I have no time to contribute, I just want to be active "on air"
- I want to be a part of your family

3. What are your expectations to your DXRC membership?
Its good if the applier understands that joining DXRC is not like joining any other club. As the idea with DXRC is to make changes, its important that the appliers understands that they must take part in making those changes. Its the active members showing the world what DXRC is all about via their good bahavivour, courtesy, gentlemanship. This is not only on radio, but also at Facebook, at clusters etc.
+ I expect that my personal attitude used as a DXRC member will help to make changes
+ I expect that DXRC will support me in my activities by making my proofs and pics public at DXRC website
- I expect that DXRC will stand behind me if problems (In general, its not our policy - as a club - to defend members in a dispute. However, we gladly join you in a one-on-one chat about a certain problem.
- I expect that DXRC will provide me with free QSL-cards

4. What should DXRC expect from you, as a new member of DXRC?
+ I will send in membership fee on time
+ I will not write stupid things on email lists/clusters
- I will do many "X"otas and SES acivities in the future

5. Are you aware of the differencies between DXRC and any other club at 11meter? (what are the diffencies?)
- Yes, DXRCs letters are DX and thats different than AT or SD
+ I understand and accept that DXRC has no democrasy, I have seen through the last many years how well your system works

6. Please inform us about all of your 11meter callsigns (all of them, please: both them in use and those not in use any longer):
This question gives reply to two sub-questions:
* does the applier hold many callsigns?
- If so, this could indicate the applier is a "callsign hunter" (which could indicate that the applier want to join us as a part of his hunt more than really wanting to supprot our vision.
* does the applier hold an old callsign that is in "bad standing" at our band?
Its important that the applier wish to be a DXRC member for many years. In fact, we do not want to have members that join us and leave again within short time. Thats bad for our reputation.
In case the applier is belived not to stay a DXRC member for a longer time, then we do not want to enrol this person.

6b. If its a person with a callsign that is "in bad standing", how likely is it that the person has changed today?
We can all change... - just because our behaviour some years ago was not perfect, it can be that we have learned from the past and/or changed our attitude.
Lets not judge appliers on old behaviour, but lets use the information to ask critical questions.

7. Do you hold any official or unofficial special positions in other clubs?
Example QSL-manager, President, Owner, Supervisor, etc.
This question gives us an idea how tight connected an applier is to his other clubs, AND we need to secure that the appliers doesn't leave official duties in disrespect to his/hers old club

You will be responsible for the new member the first 24 months of the new members time in DXRC. You should mentoring him, in best way with meetings from time to time where you can speak about DXRC and if all is fine related to his DXRC membership.

This means that you must educate the new member to learn about DXRC and good band etiquette.

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