Welcome to 11-meter DX

This simple 1-2-3 welcome page gives you some tips and tricks in order to give you a smooth start as a new operator at 11-meter DX band.

Welcome at DXRC
DXRC enrol new members based on quality, not the number of years you have been active on the band or the number of DXRC's you have worked.
Therefore a DXRC-member can be quite new to our band.

DXRC-Guideline - in general
Please read all DXRC-Guidelines, please understand all DXRC Guidelines.
If our Guidelines brings up any questions, please always ASK.

All members of DXRC must have (approved) Official DXRC QSL-cards. We use this to confirm the contact we have made.
- When sending a QSL-card, please do not write callsigns or anything that refers to radio on the envolope. Remember, 11-meter DX might not be legal in the country where to you send the QSL - or maybe the mailmain should not know the receiver is active on 11-meter.
- Please do not top up the envolope with irrelevant junk. If your QSL is to a private operator like yourself, then just include the QSL-card. If the QSL is to a QSL-manager or to a station in an "exotic" country/DXCC, then enclude contribution (2 Euro pr. QSL-card) and a SAE (Self Addressed Envolope), an onvolope with your own name and address written on it.

IN PROGRESS - more to come...

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Latest update: 18/10/2011