Welcome to the information page of the Nordic Tour 2013.

Greg and Slawek will again contest in the Original Island Festival, they successfully won the Team category in 2010 and managed a very respectable 2nd places in both 2011 & 2012 !, they will be pushing hard again this year for top position.

161DX018 Slawek
161DX037 Greg
DXRC Bureau

E-mail to manager: Click .

Official DXRC activity callsigns issued are:

Callsign - link to activity Webpage Date QSL Route
20DX/SI - Storholmen isl. 01 - 02/06/2013 DXRC BUREAU
20DX/EU079 - Voksa isl. 05/06/2013 DXRC BUREAU
20DX/FI - Flatoyna isl. 05/06/2013 DXRC BUREAU
20DX/MI - Maroy isl. 05/06/2013 DXRC BUREAU

More Islands !

Additional to the Official Activities above, Slawek and Greg will use personal callsigns from other islands, these short stay operations will be classed as personal / portable activities and will be very sporadic, so these will be done " on the fly " basis.

QSL requests for these personal / portable activities goes direct to Mr. Greg 161DX037.
For Postal Address: E-mail to Greg: Click .

We recommend you keep a tight log with attention to detail re Official Activities and personal/portable activities worked.