Genner, Denmark

For this year's DXRC World Meeting in Denmark, we decided to invite you to a wonderful little area vicinity of the two beautiful towns Aabenraa and Haderslev.

Even though we will stay in Denmark, the site for our meeting belongs to the German minority and is used for the German settlement in South Denmark. Due to DXRC's internationality we have managed to agree to a fantastic offer and prices 1/3 of what to expect in Denmark: "Basic package" (Friday-Sunday) is only 69 Euro inclusive accommodation and food.

The site is a huge nature site 300 meter x 500 meter in a little forest. There is a direct view to the sea in a beautiful nature landscape surroundings. Also a great site for radio activities, less than 1,6 km from the ocean and almost 100 meters above ground.

The meeting venue is located 13 km south of Haderslev and 9 km north of Aabenraa at the address Haderslevvej 484, Genner, DK-6230 Rødekro.

Meeting location Fantastic view over the ocean Entrance to Venue site Meeting place Lots of things to do...

Where is Genner?

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History about Genner

This years World Meeting location offers an extremely interesting history as our meeting location Genner has “switched sides” during the last 150 years: It belonged to Denmark, then to Germany, again to Denmark and then to Germany – finally it belongs nowadays to Denmark. In other words: The borderline between Germany and Denmark has been moved many times the latest 150 years.

However, the latest 66 years the area has managed to find peace and the border between Germany and Denmark has been fixed. Danes and Germans live in harmony and the borderline is 100% accepted.

To live in a multicultural harmony, to accept other people is never easy. We also see this in our own community: radio communication.
To learn more about how Danes and Germans live side-by-side we will spend a few hours Sunday morning in company with 2 wellknown celebrities from the Danish-German community and see a few physical elements from the local community. Look forward to this - and draw your own line to our own community: radio communication.

Join us

Please send your reservation as soon as possible to make the booking in time. Please find all necessary information about prices for the stay here. Notice that we offer extended stay in Genner for very low prices.