Meeting Program (due to change) (version: April 2014)

Friday October 3rd, 2014
1200 Arrival, welcome of guests at the Site.
No matter when you decide to arrive, you will be much welcome to Milano. If you arrive Friday afternoon between 1200 to 1600 we will greet you with a free of charge welcome beer or soft drink.
1800-2100 Dinner
We eat when we wish - buffet dinner.
2100 DXRC Internal Chat - For DXRC members only.
This is your chance to discuss internal DXRC matters one-to-one with members of the Working Team and other members. This is not a meeting with speakers; it's an informal gathering where you can discuss your thoughts, ideas or criticism with members of the Working Team directly.
For DXRC members only, Non DXRC-members, please enjoy yourself with all other guests and the Bar :-)
2230-late Pileup with big QRM in the bar.
Continuing the tradition from the previous meetings, this is a late night gathering of friends over a drink or two. Much QRM and later some QSB! - Maybe even Pile Up??
Saturday October 4th, 2014
0900 Classic Italian DX Breakfast
A good breakfast is the best start of your day!
1000 Opening Meeting - by DXRC President
Mette 47DX088 wishes you welcome and reviews the club activities in the latest years that passed.
1045 Mingle Break
30 minute break to catch up with your friends and make new friends.
1115 SLOT 1
Not finally decided...
1200 Mingle Break
Another 30 minute break; maybe make some plans for the next expedition?
1230 SLOT 2
Not finally decided...
1300 Island Expedition Lunch
Our Italian hosts will treat us with a traditional light Italian lunch to enjoy.
1500 SLOT 3
Not finally decided...
1600 Coffee 'n' cake break
A 30 minute mingle break with coffe and something sweet to make you happy.
1630 SLOT 4
Not finally decided...
1730 Friends Free Time
Catch up with friends, exchange QSL, and make plans for the next activity. The bar is open and the mood is good.
1850 Official Group Photo Session
Please make sure to attend the group photo session that will take place right before the Awards Dinner. Dont be late, thanks :-)
1900 Delta-Xray Awards Dinner
The Saturday night dinner is the main event of the meeting, and during the dinner the winners of the Delta-Xray Awards 2014 will be presented.
After dinner Milano Nightlife Propagation
After the bar closes at the hotel, we will explore the Milano Nightlife propagation. This is your chance to learn and do the "DXRC Propagation Dance"!
Sunday October 5th, 2014
0930 Breakfast
A big breakfast is best served with DX friends, so get out of bed and get downstairs for a good start of the last meeting day.
1030 SLOT 5
Not finally decided...
1100 Mingle Break
15 minutes mingle break.
1115 SLOT 6
Not finally decided...
1300 Farewell Lunch
A light lunch to get you prepared for your trip back home. Last chance to make eyeball QSO's with your friends.
1400 Meeting closing remarks by 47DX116 Frank and 47DX002 Soren
1415 QRT
Have a safe trip home!