DXRC World Meeting 2006 in Lelystad - Pictures Friday 2nd June

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First arriving attendants sums up in Amsterdam Astrid bought some strange candy containing Cannabis ! The meeting location, Hotel Lelystad AirPort. 47DX052, 19DX121, 21DX139, 47DX002
First arriving attendants sums up in the lobby 30DX016 Rafael, 30DX401 Chris, 14DX007 Vincent 19DX121 Jr, 21DX139 Patrik, 30DX016 Rafael 21DX139 Patrik, 21AT116 Chris
47DX132 Carsten, 19DX050 Roberto 47DX047 Leif, 47DX088 Mette, Atrid 19SD167 Frank, 13DX056 ULi 47DX002 Soren, 47DX047 Leif
14DX007 Vincent, 14SD557 Richard 19DX050 Roberto + YL, 21DX139 Patrik, 47DX132 Carsten 13DX024 YL, 13DX056 YL 19SD083 Will, 19DX077 Rob, 19RK155 Ben, 19DX050 Roberto
13DX024 Joe, 13DX056 Uli 14SD557 Richard, 19SD555 Diana 14DX007 Vincent 30DX016 Rafael
30AT870 Rose Mari 47DX101 John 30DX401 Christian bids welcome to Friday dinner 47DX002 Soren, 19DX050 Roberto, 47DX052 Tom
21AT116 Chris, 47DX002 Soren, 21DX139 Patrik 19SD167 Frank, 30DX401 Christian 13DX024 YL, 14DX461 Ludo, 14DX007 Vincent Friday evening dinner, Chinese buffet
Friday evening dinner, Chinese buffet 21DX139 Patrik 47DX047 Leif

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