138DX/1 - Vatican City State

HD Quality Video Clip from 138DX/1.

We received a question from Mr. Gildas 14SD201 asking why GPS info could not be seen on the video for 138DX/1.

Main reason is the video film is presented in low resolution to keep file size down to minimum and thereby easy to download and view.

Davide (operator of 138DX/1) filmed all video clips in HD quality (HD = High Definition = very high quality). Here we present a short video clip, in this clip you can see the exact GPS Longitude and Latitude numbers from the GPS screen.

IMPORTANT: To see the GPS data in the YouTube video you must play the video in HD 1080p quality and full screen, the GPS data is best seen at the beginning of the video after about 5 or 6 seconds in.

YouTube Video Clip:
Click on the thumbnail below to watch it.

Screen-shots taken from HD Quality video showing GPS data:

video screen-shot video screen-shot in Google Earth

Gildas, I hope this replies your question in a good and serious way. If you - or any one else - have questions about the proofs, please contact DXRC directly, we look forward to clarify any issues and reply to questions.

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