Story 13DX/BY028

Story from 13DX/BY028 activity.

Hi Friends.
Today, now number 6 and 7 of the Frankonia 4 River Tour.
2 islands in the river Aisch

Remember we were on the morning of Dachsbach1 on the narrow
side of the island. About 100 meters from the bridge to the second
Island Dachsbach2 BY028. The weather was a bit bad when we get
the bridge, it began to rain. When we reached the place where to
set up the antenna, the weather was very bad, it started to hail, rain
and snow. We could not start to set up to the Skypper and decided
to work the first time with the mobile antenna Wilson1000.

The weather was better after a half hour, now set up quickly the
Skypper, but many dark clouds in the sky which quickly came closer, the wind was stronger. We considered
short to cancel, but when the Skypper on the mast and the first pile-up is there, all was forgotten fears and
spirit of the “hardcoreteam” came up again in us. And we knew that many friends were waiting.
The conditions on the radio were very good again. Many stations in the log every minute.

“Best regards from Olga Kalashnikova in FM. ? LOL allways nice QRM grrrr”

Div. Worked:

Thank you for your participation, and the best wishes from -
Bavarian hardcore DX team
Uli & Daniel

We hope to copy all you soon from an other iWi part of our tour stay tuned for news