Story 13DX/N016

Story from 13DX/N016 activity.

We decided to make a short trip to Sylt Island in start of November 2014. I was looking for a good QTH to set up antenna. After we found a good looking holiday home which had a second floor we was very satisfied, perfect for antenna I thought.

On 27.12 at 12:00GMT we drove with car to Römö in Denmark for travelling with the ferry to Sylt Island at 14:25GMT. We arrived aprox. 15:00GMT Sylt Island and based our holiday home.

I found out that Google Earth not had current fotos on the internet, these Photos are from 2010 and QTH seems to be perfect for Radio, but I fault very hard. In Year 2011 a big hotel with 4 floors was built only 20meters in front of our holiday house. This means that it was impossible to work SE/S/SW. I try to do the best out of our situation and started to set up the radio and antenna.

First test calls on 27.12 at 17:30GMT was really bad, cause no propagation and high noise Level from the hotel. I made a final check on the equipment and decide to start very early next day.

On 28.12 I made first calls at 6:00UTC and the first QSO was 47DX109 Mr. Jesper. Propagation started very slowly, but about 9:30UTC it seems that we had some nice backscatter conditions. This day I stopped transmitting around 15:15UTC.

29.12 i turned on the radio at 7:00UTC and after i made a few calls 1DX411 Alberto was logged. Propagation was about the same as from day before, but we was able to work some 43div and later also 153IR101 Mr. Jan which one beams longpath to me. I stopped transmitting to go out for lunch about 11:45UTC.

After small lunchbreak i decided to go back to Radio, but it rings on our door. The Owner from the holiday home was there and asking for to put the Antenna down, cause he is scared about lightning. This day was no Lighning forecast i told him, but he didnt understand that. I was very sad about this and started to put antenna down again and stopped activation at 13:30 UTC.

Not very satisfied we went back to Römo on 30.12 at 13:25GMT and drove with our car back home to Germany.

Finally 13DX/N016 did get logged 110 QSO´s in 22 DXCC.

Thanks to all station for the participation and i hope to catch you from the next island again.

vy Finn