Story 13DX/ST020

Story from 13DX/ST020 activity.

Mr. Wolf has come 08:00 (CET) to my house and we went direction Wendelstein. The weather was beautiful that morning 19 C. Around 08:45 we reached the island where already waiting our friend the lock keeper. We know him from last year and he was very helpful. The station was built and it was the OIF 2016 start for us. At the starting 10:35 a big pile up 1.14.Div. and the log filled up quickly, then later it was quiet and we stopped and to have lunch. WX 30 C (in the shade). On the late afternoon dark clouds came up, we hurried before it started to rain the station degrade. We were allowed to store the equipment again in the lock house, for the next day. Highlight QSO with 148/13AT455 in to the log.

On Sunday morning I received a call from the lock keeper, he informed that today on the neighboring island (ST048), mowed the grass. Thus, the only accessible way is time possible. This means to build 2nd and 2nd Remove the station. It was decided after a brief consultation to make only the island ST020 in 2 days. The first day was built the station at the north end of the island. We noticed that many stations reached us with strong signals from the directions of West, South and East. On Sunday, the station was built at the south end of the island. We start 10:10 and it was a good opening to the UK/Eire divisions. Lunch time WX 31 C we stopped again to lunch. We was back on air but the conditions were not so good and it was tedious but the log fills up. Later we received again a thunderstorm before the rain reached the island went 13DX/ST020 QRT.

Many thanks all
Best wishes from the WIDE WILD EAST TEAM

13DX014 & 13DX056