Story 13DX/TH010

Story from 13DX/TH010 activity.

The last days the conditions on 11 meters were very good before the activation. On the 24.May we had a little trip to see the surroundings of the town of Oldisleben, at the southern end of the city are the two Unstrut islands. We were lucky to meet the administrator of the mill object. The mill has been closed for several years, but electricity is produced by hydropower.

The very friendly gentleman gave the permission to enter the islands.

On 02.06. we started at 06:30 from my house direction Oldisleben (60km).The weather was very nice 26 C.

We started to set up the station.
At 07:50 we could start, with very good conditions over Europe later also outsite of europe. 11:45 we stopped for lunch. When we got back at 12:20 the signals from Italy and France were a bit quieter, so we could receive low signals. At 14:00 we decided to quit on the first day. In agreement with the administrator of the object and a small drink, we could deposit the equipment in a garage. At about 16: 00 we were at home, after a successful day.

Thank you and 73 de WWET team
13DX014 & 13DX056