Story from13DX/TH011 activity.

On 03.06. it started at 06:30 from my house in the direction of Oldisleben.

The weather was very nice 24 C. We started to set up the station, everything went much faster because nothing was unpacked. At 07:25 we could start, with very good conditions. But at 09:00 it changes abruptly when became active 40AT / 40Y, on our frequency which for 1,5 hours we used. We often heard the other stations told him that the frequency was occupied by us, and in the clusters it was to be seen. It was just annoying! We searched long for a free frequency and found xx.777 we were happy but not very long because the churches signals from UK were very strong. After a tedious hour we went back to the old frequency. We were annoyed because there could have been many more stations in the log. But no matter after 102 entries in the log, we decided to go QRT. After some small talk with the manager of the object and a little drink, we learned from him that the melody of the very old folk song "Wandering is the miller's wish", composed on the South Mill Island on the beach of the Unstrut.

Thank you and 73 de WWET team
13DX014 & 13DX056