Story 14DX/03007R

Story from 14DX/03007R activity.

Hi all, i planned to be active for this Nice event IF 2016, when preparing activation i found iWi near my location near the city of CHATEAUROUX (130kms approx) was 36-077R but last weeks of May was stormy and many many rains, i had to change my plans due to rivers swollen in this area. So did find an other target where no swollen rivers in this area, island is Also approx 130Kms from my location near city of VICHY.

Friday 2nd June evening, all radio equipements was ready, in the car.
Saturday 3rd June, 6:00 UTC i leave house to Saint Pourcain sur Sioule where 03-007R is located. Need approx 1h 45min then arrive around 8:00 utc, did lost few minutes due outside market in centre of city. Well in first have to find location localized on Google earth but road block , i go to 2nd location , no cars allowed only camping car.... Finally find a location where is possible to have little place, unfortunatly not possible to use skypper, A99 will be use.

Antenna, radio quickly install and connect. Wx is not too bad 17c a bit cloudy.
1st cq on 27.530mhz 9:00 utc: band is zzzzz first in log 14AT232 and some other 14 div, finally 1div and various EU countries but propagation is really up and down. Am parking with car near small bridge and many many people cross river by this way, much more people than in my log hi !

I did qrt around 13:00 utc . 73 tnx all and sorry for those i did not hear.

See you next year.

14DX181 Marc.