Story 14DX/36057R

Story from 14DX/36057R activity.

As i did find interesting area with some iWi, i had look for some targets and found some with car acces, its better to stay inside car over winter time... 1st of year was 36-080R and 36-058R, this time look for neighbour island 36-057R. It was 7:15 am (6:15 utc) when i left house to Villedieu Sur Indre, i planned to start around 9:00 am (8:00utc) and need approx 1h30 drive from home.

Arrived in Villedieu and found easily small access to island (look pics/proofs). I did test and look carrefuly before cross with car !! after some doubt i land to island... 1st job was to put up mast and skypper (with heavy rain...)installation transceiver in car, tested swr, all ok. Found clear frequency. Did send quickly some sms and info to say am ready.

1 st cq was given. Immediatly some stations, back scatter from Europe is good but up and down, i have to move antenna very often from East to West, to North, to South, especially after 9:00 utc with Long Pass skip. Its still raining some qrn and many qrm.

WX improving a bit around midday, less qrn and qrm reception is good but not enough power ( 70/80 watts ), many station heard over s5 given me 4-5/1. Well time to qrt arrived quickly (valentine day), before back home and drive 1h30 i did visit an other neighbour island (36-056R ile du moulin) but its private access with caution pannel.

73s see you on next island soon.

14DX181 Marc.