Story 14DX/36064R

Story from 14DX/36064R activity.

Was fantastic wx Sunday 28th June, blue sky, 20c when leaved house to new target 36064R.

I know well now villedieu sur indre area, 140 Kms from my home, need approx 1h30 drive.

Arrived near island in Chamousseau Castle {CF36026} property, its private access. Park my car and looking for gaurdian, after 15min walk around, nobody. I decided to cross without permission...(dont want to go way back from 140 kms without cq from 36064R).

Found good place on geoportail, 250 m approx from castle, 1st cq was given its 8:40 utc, the band is so quite, only few 1div. Finally 1st stations appears 14DA049, 14DX049 first logged. Am testing new skypper(thanks Jarek 161AT080), antenna working good, good F\B, gain, directivity, unfortunatly bad prop.

Few stations from 161 coming now with nice s9+, only a few, the prop is only half open.

In the top of day 33c had big horseflies attack, so decided to close car and last 30min if no prop improvement, so was qrt at 11:30 utc, thanks all see you on next island soon.

73s de Marc