Story 14DX/78010R

Story from 14DX/78010R activity.

Departure from my house at 06:45 local direction the town of Bougivale in Department 78, arrived on the spot at 07:15, installation of the antenna, all the rest of equipment was already to install in the car since the day before, start some photographs and test of equipment on the spot.

Some small concern with the Power Supply and the amplifier, I would use 220 Watts instead of 300Watts on Bamby. Bad surprise when testing rx, much local QRN, I am on an urban island, can be because of that. I launch the first CQ has 07:18 UTC , I feel that many people which me call but with a signal of S5 of QRN it is not easy to listen all the stations, first station in the LOG my Big Friend 14VC064 Romain, first European Station is 26DX047, nothing of surprising:-).

The propagation is excellent in spite of the QRN many people present on 27610 and the LOG fills very quickly in the morning until 11:10, I have short break for the lunch, the temperature is good with sunshine, I profit from the rest :-).

Start again the activation at 12:05 and still many people in frequency for me, which is a pleasure. All occurs well until approximately 14:00 then the calls don't get much answer and finally I would remain on the QTH until 16:30 when log goes quiet.

With my great surprise, I am happy the arrival in the LOG 41PAS058 Giovanni, 172SD104 Freddy, 153RS777 Jan and 153DA012 Andre. I thank everyone to be on the frequency to enter the LOG of 78010R because all the large hunters are quite present.

I am glad to have put to work New One on 11 meters and activation finished with 121 Stations in the LOG from 29 Divisions.

See you soon on a next adventure.

14DX010 Olivier.