Story 14DX/78012R

Story from 14DX/78012R activity.

Departure from the house was 05:30 UTC with my father Claude who will accompany Romain DX064 and me for this new day on 78012R Dames IWI island, new island on 11 Meters again by Serious Team.

We arrive on the spot has 06:15, Romain is already on the spot to make its first activation with the callsign 14DX064, Romain greets us with coffee and croissants, thank you Romain.
We install the complete Station, and I leave Romain to the microphone for the first part with great pleasure, we start at 07:15, first in log was 14GT078 Fabrice top of the list. The contacts is connected rather quickly and all occurs very well during the morning, the sun striking very hard, very hot.

After short time we have already 65 stations in the LOG, that advances very well. Unfortunately the propagation falls, then we decide to stop us to eat and discuss a little with the radio on standby on T5 to supervise the live propagation.

After 02:00 we decide to take again activation, that functions correctly during 01:00 and after use change the carry forwards radio has one to one with much difficulty, after midday it was very hard, fortunately for us we were at exceptional site, are justifie dus continues until 18:00 for finally stopping activation because no more propagation on our side.

We finished Dames island with 107 operators in the LOG on 21 DXCC.

Thank you all your participation, we hope to listen you again on our next island, do not forget we promised 1 island per month, so we will hold to our word.

The Serious Team
DX010 Olivier - DX064 Romain & Guest Mr Claude.
See You Soon from New IWI island.