Story 14DX/78030R

Story from 14DX/78030R activity.

For this first island for a long time I suggested to my friend 14GT078 Fabrice to come and join me. I give him an appointment at 7:30am local not far from the island. We both arrive on site at 7:45am local, we get straight to the assembly of the antenna, the mast and installation of the equipment. A little coffee and let's go, 8:30am local, first call and as often during my outings 14DX019 Christophe is the first to answer my call. First DX member to answer is John 47DX101.

I am very happy with my output, I did not expect to make a big log given the propagation, but despite this I managed to 45 people in the log on 11 DXCC (14 - 47 - 1 - 13 - 56 - 26 - 161 - 21 - 35 - 109 - 68): Thank you all for your participation, thank you to those who tried to contact me but unfortunately I did not hear. It makes me happy to contact my friends again, I will meet you soon for a new island.