Story 14DX/78033R

Story from 14DX/78033R activity.

Departure has 05:15 of the house to join Romain DX064 directly on the island of Limay,to arrive on the spot has 06:00 with -2C.

We take our time to install equipment as has the habit then we take the coffee in order to heat us a little before beginning activation, first call to 07:20 with 14DX049 Christophe which inaugurates the LOG.

The propagation is timid has our great surprise little world to starting, it is not reassuring then we continue has to launch the appeals and the LOG this quietly filled, the first European station is 13DX011 Finn then the first station except Europe east 153DA012 Andre. Finally the LOG fills very well but slowly throughout the morning.

After a pause meal, activation continues as for the morning, gently but surely, time is pleasant,not wind, not of rain, the day is really quite selected for this radio exit.

16:30 we stop activation with 158 operators in the LOG on 33 DXCC: & surprise easy logged RC01AS/0 waiting for DXCC exactly.

This island is not New One, because already actived by my Brother Romain, is the result is very good considering the state of the propagation.

Tnx you all for your participation, we hop to listen you again on our next island, do not forget we promised 1 island per month so will hold to our word.

The Serious Team
14DX010 Olivier & 14DX064 Romain.