Story 14DX/78041R

Story from 14DX/78041R activity.

Departure at 04:15 to join Romain direction the town of Guerne, arrived 05:05, to Romain on the spot is already, great surprise many people has this hour where as it is a whole small village, we had to forget it is the opening of the fishing season there this day. Any problem has a solution, finally we will go on other side of the island.

Time is threatening the rain is to announce all the day, we install equipment quickly in order tobequiet. Let us drink the coffee and send all information before launching activation.

06:40 Romain launches appeal and the first station is 14DX049 Christophe, heavy blow the propagation is not present and advance all gently, after 02:00 of call little station is in the LOG but that becomes much more interesting and the operators who have followed us for now a year are present and enter the LOG progressively, that given pleasure.

09:33 we have finally 100 stations in the Log,the ritual obliges we make honor has our sponsor and taste Skoll Tuborg ;-)

At the beginning of after midday our friend Fabrice 14GT078 come to join us, he was to spend the day with us but unfortunately cannot release itself the morning. The propagation is always there, well presents but not strong, just what it is necessary to do contact with the buddies.

Fabrice do not please take the microphone, can be timid ;-) Romain decides not to take the microphone any more and I am to oblige to call all after midday alone without any reinforcement of the buddies, thank you the guys ;-)

We will finish the day with good after midday has 16:20 with 3TM003 Sergio which closes the LOG.

It always rains but much less extremely, we will be able to dismount under good conditions finally.

Stop activation with 165 operators in the Log on 27 DXCC:

Tnx to all for your participation, we hope to listen you again on our next island, do not forget we promised 1 island per month so will hold to our word.

The Serious Team
14DX010 Olivier & 14DX064 Romain