Story 14DX/95017R

Story from 14DX/95017R activity.

Departure from the house was at 04:45 to join Romain at L'Isle Adam approximately 30 minutes from the house. Arrived on the spot around 05:15 for a small look around quickly for location while waiting for Romain to arrive.

06:30 Romain arrives, we choose the ideal place together to install the station. Not reassured considering the environment, the island is located in full centre town, and take the chance to install us nevertheless, not danger but especially the fear of being made expel by the police considering the environment although the island is not private. The place is splendid.

Once all equipment is installed we already call the first roll after adjustment at 07:10 many people with listening expect us, we are happy to see that the friends follow us since more than one year maintaining with our activations on the islands of the region of Paris and it is not finished.

14RS055 Micke enters the Log the first and the contacts continue in a very good rhythm, it is not the Up Pile but the contacts are done very easily, not QRM in 03:20 we have already 100 operators in the LOG. Then the contacts start has to be done less quickly but we continue to advance nicely. A good propagation with mainly Poland.

We profit that it is a little calmer and take 01:00 for the meal of the day.

In afternoon midday will have us the visit of 14VC109 Laurent come to see us on the QTH. Environment is good, we have an orchestra to place on the terrace of the restaurant which is just behind us.Let us not forget that the 21/06 in France it is the festival of the music, have in take full the ears and that it started from laughing with Romain. A surprise expect us with a video that 14FAT011 Thierry made, it has me surprised spirit to sing during activation, when the contacts are done harder it is well to decompress to spend the time.

15:30 I launch last appeal on .555 in QSY .510 and 21DX014 Loic come to put itself in the LOG right at the time or we were going to finish activation.

Some contacts a part from Europe what is pleasant has this period of the year, do not forget that we are on a summer propagation now.

We have been lucky with weather, no rain, not of strong heat and ideal conditions for a radioactivity has the external one.

Stop activation with 151 operators In The Log from 26 DXCC:
17 Members DX in log.

Tnx to all for your participation, see you soon in July for a new activation IWI island, again one new one in 11 Meters Band.

The Serious Team
14DX010 Olivier & 14DX064 Romain