Story 14DX/95026R

Story from 14DX/95026R activity.

Departure from my house at 04:00 to join Romain on the island of Sagy which is only 11 kilometers from my home to activate a IWI on department 95, new-one on 11 meters is envisaged.

Arrived on the spot at 04:30 we have installed all equipment, check the good installation and take our time for the startup of activation, for several days maintaining the propagation is not with return early….

07:00 the first appeal is launched, not a surprise that local stations are present, information passed is with difficulty the stations on Europe are made hear. A very sporadic propagation, just time to call and the signals fall, a very large QSB and it will be thus all the day.

It was one day difficult but not surprise, for several days the propagation has been like that,the main thing is that we keep promise of activated an island per month for our pleasure and the pleasure of all the hunters of this kind of activity.

Much rain during the morning but finally the good weather return in after midday it will be more pleasant to dismount equipment.

First station has to enter the LOG is 14VC018 Marco and the last station in the LOG is 14AT146 Fabrice, of many hours has to call but the propagation do not please open, we stop activation has 16:00.

Stop activation with 64 operators In The Log from 9 DXCC:

Tnx to all for your participation, sorry for others stations not logged, not easy this time with this conditions, in final May active again a New IWI island, hope with a better propagation.

The Serious Team
14DX010 Olivier & 14DX064 Romain.