Story 14DX/MA092

Story from 14DX/MA092 activity.

hi dear radio friends,

the CDL Team was ready to go on the island at 4h00 gmt at the DX029 house, after 50 min of road, we arrived on the sea border in Landeda. After few minutes we are ready to go on the Is, 1500 metres of the island.

After 30 minutes of boat powered by BIG UNIT at high rate of knots, we instal all the equipment on the island, after all equipment was ready we start the power source, all is switch on radio and computer. 8h10 GMT Guy 029 start to call and the first one was 47PL122 come 5/1, after 1 hour of transmition we had 53 QSOs on our log, we stop for lunch at 11h46 GMT with 120 QSOs. Restart at 12h10 GMT, no propagation there, only 1 QSOs on 1h with 26DX617 the last entry in our log.

We decided to stop the activation with 121 QSOs on the log in 19 divisions, tnx to 153DA012 and 3DX013 the only ones outside Europe.

We leave Guy at 14h10 GMT, and we take the road back at the Merry’s home at 18h30 GMT after 400kms of road.

Thank you all for QSO for the CDL Team 14ATS049 Anthony, 14DX029 Guy and 14DX079 Merry.

Regards Merry