Story 161DX/D051

Story from 161DX/D051 activity.

Every year I go to the Polish radio operators meeting, and every year I visit my old friend Krystian (AT012) in Jelenia Gora for 2-3 days, but this year was different because I planned to activate a Polish iWi.

Krystian explored the surroundings of the town and he found 3 possible IWI´s with the help also of Mariusz (EX-016). I had decided for D049 to make this IWI. An employee of the state hydropower station did not give permission and reach the boss was not possible on Sunday. :-(

It was quickly decided the other two IWI s to behold. When we arrive at D051, the owner did not mind us that allow crossing to the island, though the normaly always closed bridge , Thank you Mr. Kajetan, I was the friendliness so very surpised and.. could not believe there was fresh coffee and tea as the Mr. Kajetan saw how I built the antenna in the rain.

I had lost a lot of time on that day. !!!! Well everything was set up and testing. Here I go:.... very good conditions and the logbook filled quickly. Thank you for the kind support Krystian.

At 19:10 clock I finished the activation.
At 20:00 we was back on Krystians House. Prosit ;-)

Many Thanks to all.
161 / 13DX056 Uli.