Story 19DX/GR003

Story from 19DX/GR003 activity.

On Sunday morning I travelled back towards lauwersmeer and this time with a GPS “real live” tracker on my android phone, a nice gimmick to test for aditional gathering “proof”.
This time i could park the car rather close to the island and peddling time was limited.

Once arrived at the island i saw on the message board of cluster “have you heard him yet? He is on the island...” That was a relieve.. as it was the first time i used the GPS tracker which seems to work oke!

Setting up antennas etc. always takes some time but after say 10..15 minutes i had the Bi Square antenna up and running. !
With the devastating propagation of yesterday my expectation wasn’t that i was excited to hear stations on 555 !I managed to get in relative short time, more stations in the log then were logged over the entire day before hihi.

Again the best time was “the morning” ..During the rest of the day it just looked that overall propagation became less, but with the Bi Square i really could do some “bursts”contacts. I’m confident i wouldn’t have gotten them on the smaller T2TL vertical.

It’s amazing to see how “fast” things just go....sometimes you actually know the “other station” which is trying to call you know his call sign...but its difficult to acknowledge as you just hear 20..percent of it and that’s it.

We just have to wait for another 5 minutes…SWLing...and then...suddenly out of nothing 10 seconds 2x call and report itl gone....pff...but yet another one in the log. Its actually fun “burst Dxing” hihi.

In the late afternoon peddling back towards the car ...with home as destination. everyone yes: .That blasted propagation.. But. Still another satisfied Island festival!

CU guys next year!