Story 19DX/GR004

Story from 19DX/GR004 activity.

Due to different reasons the planned activation for this year islands activity didn’t go through.
But still, there is nothing to join the Island Festival with just a small activation! the past i had seen a couple of islands on the so called “Lauwersmeer” ideal for a small single person kayak activity....and since i already had the weekend off :-)...why not ....

The trip to GR004 was about 7 Km, it took roughly an hour peddling, its not that far from main land,. But because I had the car parked at an “overnight parking location” it was a little longer, and I actually looked forward to it as it still was lovely weather.

The lake was beautiful it sometimes was as flat as a mirror ...the weather forecast was not that nice: serious thunderstorms later in the evening...and that “flat” water was telling me the weather forecast was probably right. Looking up in the sky you could clearly see the dark clouds gathering from the East.

I thought it would be wise to start “fast peddling” just around the corner of GR002 the first distance lightings/thunders were seen/heard. Once arrived at the island i quickly set up the tent and last bits of it were done in the heavy rain. It wasn’t that bad of work was rather warm and bit of rain was welcomed. Looking up to the sky I could clearly see the majority of the storm passed me on the south side. Receiving text messages from friends it told me it really was a heavy storm, it was a beautiful sight from the island.

Up in the early morning after a great night of sleep (not pff hihi) soon looked like propagation wasn’t at its best, each hour hoping it would improve and did had actually some good openings but nothing compared to last year, well can’t help it...just continue to call and hope for some “bursts” then.....but was terrible....nothing and it only got worse during the day.
Well, that is our hobby high...all you can do is hope it improves....

The actual plan was if conditions are really good i would move after 75/100 qso’s to another island and activate several of them however if there are only a couple in the log, it’s not worth the effort to change location is it?

In the early evening i went back home to attend the once every 5 year “town” BBQ...