Story 21DX/001SE

Story from 21DX/001SE activity.

This year we in Nordic Islanders had no success in gathering the team due to many reasons. So I decided to go to Falsterbo island, the island is close to my home, less than 50 km away and a bridge so It is possible to go there by car easily. The week before IOTA i Started to build a bamby antenna and preparing stuff. The radio and antenna worked fine while trying it in the garden at home the day before the IOTA. At Saturday I woke up early and left the home around 08:00 local time and headed for Falsterbo. On the way to Falsterbo the outside temp showed 25c and when arriving to the island the temperature was around 27c in the shade. A after had decided a location by studding the map i seted course for it, but suddenly the road ended to an off-road track, I had to find plan B, Looking at the gps I suddenly I found what could be the the perfect qrt, 10 meters from the sea on the east part off the island. I drove to that location and it was more than perfect! I started to errect the antenna on the beach and putting the station together. I decided to use the car as shack due to the heavy sun outside to get some shade and a good operating position. Propagation was decent the first one and a half hour and I made around 20- qso´s. Then the band started to be silent at 11:30 local time (typical mid-day silence on the radio) and I decided to take a break and take a swim the in the sea to cool down. Some friendly elderly people walked by and wondered what I was doing "with this strange looking pole" (the antenna) on the beach.

On the location I were there was a lot of boats and suddenly a boat owner ran aground so I helped him to free his boat and he were more than happy.
time I decided to find some food and explore the Island by my car. I had to pack down the antenna and the station. When taking the fiber glass mast down supporting the bamby antenna I slipped by accident so I stepped on the mast and the noise I did now want to hear came from the mast, one off the base sections were totally crushed ?? I decided to call it the day because I forgot the spare part kit at home in the hurry, even when errecting it I had a small damage but i managed to fix it with one steel tube I did find in the trunk. I drove to the ice-cream bar to buy something to eat. I drove as well to the golf-area and walked to the lighthouse to collect some proofs from the lighthouse. After that I drove home. I had hoped to be active on Sunday as well but due to some failure on the water supply system at home I had to fix and the extreme heat outside I decided to stay home. It was a fun activation but I miss the other team members ! /Kris 092