Story 21DX/014OD

Story from 21DX/014OD activity.

Once again Team Nordic Islanders participets in the annual event of Island Festival. Previous we have activated more than one island but this year we spent all time on the same island. After some planning during the spring everything was set to go. Sadly, we could not get everyone to join us. I (David) and Kris met up at my place early Friday morning and packed all equipment in one car. We began the 3-hour drive as soon as we could.

Arriving to the small town of Valdermarsvik on the Swedish east coast around noon and we were hungry. We met up with Loic, ex 21DX014, and had some nice lunch next to the sea. Loic joined us to the island as company but did not participate in the event.

The owner of the cabin on Haradskar island, that we were to rent, came to the mainland and picked us up in his awesome boat. An older gentleman that had many stories to tell during this weekend, and we were all ears.

Arriving to the island on Friday afternoon. We found the cabin to be a real jackpot. This old cabin had once been used as a pilot lookout, which naturally means we had a clear view over the sea in all directions. That is not all. 25 meters from the house there were this beautiful antenna tower. A nice pole on the top, empty. Absolutely perfect for us. It was not a big tower. Maybe 8 meters high. Have a look at the pictures in Pic/Proofs section.

Well, time went on and we tried to be QRV as many hours as we could. But we also found time to explore the island. This is important to us when we visit a new island. We like to get to know the island and its history and any residents.

Before leaving the island I personally helped the house owner to carry in a new washing machine from the boat to the second floor of his house. It felt good to give something back, as a thank you, except money.

The event was very successful for us. We won Island Festival 2017 in the 2-day category. Do I have to say what we will be doing next year?

73 de Nordic Islanders
21DX102, 21DX092 and co