Story 21DX/024BE

Story from 21DX/024BE activity.

After not been able to participate in this years Island Festival, I felt I had to get out there as soon as possible. So I asked Tom, 21LR101, if heíd like to join me. Tom (short for Thomas) is a part of our little island activation team, Nordic Islanders. He was up for the task. I took off early in the morning. I have about one and a half hour to get there. Tom was to come a little later. Half way on my drive I realized I had forgot the battery. What a rookie mistake, hi hi. So I lost some time but no worries. To get to Tjurko island you go over several bridges and other islands.

Itís a very nice nature environment. Arriving at the island I started to look for a good spot. I was hoping to be able to work from the car next to the water but the parking lot was full. I eventually decided to walk about 200 meter to the rocks right next to the water, to get the best take off. I had to walk twice with all the heavy things that I brought, so I was exhausted after. Since Tom wasnít at site yet I didnít want to spend to much time assembling antennas, so I started with a simple vertical base antenna. Placed close to salt water it works very well. It was super warm this day and I could only find shadow for about one to two hours, then I was sitting right in the sun. Both me and the radio was getting very warm. It was around 27c in the shadow that morning so you can imagine the high temperatures in the sun. Anyway, the band was of course completely dead. This went on more or less all day. So all contacts, except one with 56 division Finland, was made via quick bursts.

When Tom arrived we changed location to a parking lot and we also got a four element yagi erected. Yes, it was mounted very low, about three-four meters up, but comparing to the vertical it was an improvement. Overall, it was a nice day for us. But the number of made contacts are way too low to make me happy, so I will return to this island, and a few others, as soon as I can.

Thank you for calling, listening and supporting.
Catch you soon.
21DX102 David and the Nordic Islanders team