Story 21DX/M001

Story from 21DX/M001 activity.


Ivön island is the biggest island in Skåne county. There are approximately 170 residents in the small village with the name Ivö. From the south to the north it is about 5 km and the lake is called Ivösjön (Ivö Lake).

Please note:
Island name: Ivön
Village name: Ivö
Lake name: Ivösjön (Ivö Lake)

This is a well known place among most south swedish people, often due to its big amount of fossils. Apparently this iwi once was an island out in the sea. 60-65 million years ago that is. The north part of the island reaches 133 meter above sea level, which is a lot compared to surrounding mainland. This is also the area on the island where you can find most fossils. The capital city of this region is Kristianstad, a city with 35,000+ residents, and a big part of the city is actually below sea level.

Communication to this island goes via a ferry that runs on cable wires. There are two campsites on the island. One of them is right next to the ferry terminal and this is also the one i stayed at.
I had been longing for the Island Festival for a whole year but just a couple of weeks before the festival started i did not know where to go or what to do. At the same time my family wanted to get away from home for a small holiday. I began to look for possible compromises. This island allowed me to bring the caravan and the whole family, to a weekend of fun.

We left home the day before the festival, we did this because we could and because it would give me almost a full day of preparing at the site. I saw a chance to try out a two element yagi made from an old Sirio 4 element yagi. Turned out to work perfect. As we arrived to the island with the yellow ferry i immediatly began to look for a good spot. I did not want any close by neighbours or lots of people running by. I didn't have to look for long. All was soon set up and i was ready to begin my 48 hours of fun.

Operating alone i knew it would not be easy. To keep up an even flood of cq's, taking care of proofs, pictures and still not ignoring questions from the kids, i knew it might cost me some precious time on the radio. But overall, i think i did well. Proofs seem good, contacts could have been more but not bad and the family managed to enjoy the weekend aswell.

I don't expect to get any awards in the festival, but i did expect to get some important experience, which i did, and to have fun.

After 48 hours i was dead tired. Total amount of sleep peaked 3 hours.

73 de 21DX102 David.