Story 26DX/CU003

Story from 26DX/CU003 activity.

Foulney Island has been a "Must Do" for me for a long time. In the end all it took was to kick myself in the backside and get on with it.

After a couple of reccy missions to the Island, I decided that I should go ahead while the weather was pretty decent.

A few questions had to be answered, Vertical or Skypper? Generator or Batteries? etc etc. and then decide on the date. I discussed this with my xyl about time away and she was fine with this. I picked the date and gave DXRC all of the information.

A week of poor conditions on 11m for a whole week before the planned activation almost made me postpone the trip but on the eve of activation I decided to go no matter what.

The trip to the Island was pretty uneventful but exhausting, having to transport the equipment on a trolley. In the light shale of the beach it was hard going, but I arrived with all present and correct.

Antenna was put up quickly before the tide arrived. I had decided to put the antenna on a post in the muddy saltmarsh and let the sea give me some help. The radio was fired up and battle commenced. as the initial pile up grew I was happy I had decided to come. Log entries were fairly steady and only a couple of times during the day I was calling with no takers. I took the chance to get some photos, using the usual digicam and some videos using the Galaxy Tab2, which impressed me.

The wx was kind, with no rain until the last few minutes and the wind was not so bad. 150+ in my log which made the trip worthwhile and it was good to hear that there is still a hunger for new IOTAs out there. Im encouraged to do a little more this year so Watch this Space..

Thanks as always to the Usual Suspects, 26DX047 and 47DX101 for help, support, webthingy stuff etc. Thanks to 26AT026 for keeping me insane and to DXRC for there great support.

See you from the next one.

73 de Trevor 26DX015