Story 34DX/S006

Story from 34DX/S006 activity.

During my summer Holidays 2014 I returned to this wonderful island to pass good time and also to make my first activation under the Call Delta Xray.

Finally arrived to the house location, I install the bamby antenna on the roof, with also an stick 11 flush. From my house I can see the north sea border of furteventura with the island of lanzarote and the island of Lobos. The working condition are Icom IC 706 + power supply of 30 AMP + and Mic Heil soud Pro Set Plus, Bamby, stick, and multiband mobile antenna.

On the first day the wind is very strong and I have some problem to use the Bamby.

All the morning the band is close every day at 14h00 local the band coming to start with 30 Dxcc Windows. Most of the time my operation on air was between 18h00 and 23h50 time where all Europe was open.

I have contacted more than 35 difrent DXCC and +/- 450 Qso logged.

I have make all Qso on 27.490 with some trouble from spansih qrm maker that use sstv and psk wave to make the noise on the frequency.

House location will be perfect to make radio, 220 V available and the roof and 360 with a nice POV (Point of View) without any perturbation like local electric Qrm CPL or something like this.

All proof are send during the activation to 26DX047.

14DX020 Tomas