Proofs and Pictures from 38DX/NA018.

Pictures (also Proofs) received after the activation:

Outward flight to Greenland


Antenna and mast equipment, antenna installation great fun in -22

3 el Skypper & 1kW = Impressive signals and healthy log.

GSP Coordinates

Direct Postcards

John was blessed with spectacular views

Live pictures received while activation in progress:

Direct Postcard Sent to Jesper:

Direct Postcard Sent to Darran:

YouTube Videos Received From Friends:
Click on the thumbnails to play videos.

Recorded By 26DX047 Darran

Recorded By 47DX109 Jesper

Recorded By 19SD104 Gene

Recorded By 43AT113 Jim

Recorded By 26AT715 Trevor

Recorded By 14IR181 Marc