Story 47DX/FY007

Story from 47DX/FY007 activity.

This year Jesper and I decided to activate a new one for the IF2017, after some discussion we decided to do Toroe Island which is in central Denmark very closed to Fyn Island.

Already in april month, Jesper took a look on Toroe to check the surroundings etc. Toroe is a uninhabited small island with some fisherman huts on it. There are no streets on the island and its strictly forbidden to drive on Toroe. You can reach Toroe via a small woodbridge from the mainland.

On the morning of the IF2017 we met at Jespers QTH at 3:00 UTC. We packed all our stuff on a small trailer and took the ferry from Als Island to Fyn at 4:00 UTC. We reached Fyn about 4:50 UTC and drove 45 minutes to reach Toroe Island.

We shoved the trailer, with all our equipment over the small woodbridge and looked for a good place to operate. It was not easy to find a good location, because its always very vindy on Toeroe, but at least we found a nice place to set up the antenna and radio.

At 7:45 UTC we was ready to make the first calls. First station in log was 47DX101 John. The propagation was not good and very similar like the last 2 years during Island-Festival. Always "short burst" contacts, so we managed only to get 65 stations in our log. This year we borrow a voice keyer (CQ-machine) from 47DX054 Leif, which helped us very much.

At 17:00 UTC we finished the activation. We took the ferry at 19:00 UTC from Fyn to Als and arrived at Jesper QTH at 20:15 UTC.

Thanks to all stations who worked/not worked us on Toroe.

Our special thanks goes to 26DX047 Darran, 47DX054 Leif and 47DX101 John for the support.

vy73 Jesper & Finn.