Story 47DX/FY012

Story from 47DX/FY012 activity.

The planning of the Skaroe Island activation started beginning of May, roughly a month before the activation under World Islands Festival from June To June 2023.

We teamed up, Jesper 47DX109 and Joe 47DX012 for the activation as this activation is the first for Joe.

Skaroe Island haven’t been activated before, so we decided to make a strong effort including a solid setup. The trip for Joe, living near Copenhagen to Skaroe Island is normally a 2-hour drive to the ferry and then app 40 min before arriving on the island. This Friday, due to heavy traffic the trip took almost 3,5 hours but did arrive just in time for the booked ferry. We have agreed that Joe should arrive on the island Friday, June at app 1800 local time (1600 UTC) to setup the camp and start the activation. On the Island, Joe found the spot that we have looked at, and it was a nice location. Setting up the gear using a Bamby antenna went well and the 47DX/FY012 went on air at 1735 UTC. A bit late but we managed to log 11 contacts before closing for the night.

Saturday morning was a beautiful morning, blue sky, and no winds, very nice. Due to respect to the locals, Generator wasn’t started before 0900 local time (0700 UTC).

Jesper arrived around lunch time, the teams first meeting in person. We had a good chat during our lunch and started shortly after unpacking and assembling the 3 element Yagi.

Mounting the Yagi on the mast went smoothly although it was a bit heavy to lift the Yagi and mast section by section, but we managed. We were on air again at 1355 Local time (1155 UTC) and logged 146 contacts before closing the Saturday at 2147 local time (1947 UTC ) even though the conditions was a bit low.

Sunday conditions turned out to be much better, and we started at 0757 local time (0557 UTC) logging 171 contacts before we had to close the activity at 1430 local time (12.30 UTC) in order to get the ferry.

We are very satisfied with the activation, ending with 328 contacts in the log and the technical setup worked very well.

We will be back in World Island Festival again in 2024, Island to activate isn’t decided yet, but it will be a “new” island.

Best wishes from the team behind 47DX/FY012.

47DX109 Jesper, 47DX012, Joe.