Story 47DX/FY025

Story from 47DX/FY025 activity.

Jesper and me decided to activate an Island during Island-Festival 2015. Our choice was Svino Island in center Denmark.

We meet up early Saturday morning and took the ferry from Mainland to Fyn at 8:00am. The Ferry was at 8:35am in Bojden harbour and it took about one hour by car to arrive Svino Island. Svino is a really small Island and we found out that nearly everything on there is Private.
It was impossible to reach our intended location dut to private street/beach and places, so we must improvise something. Finally we found a good location on the highest point of the Island, which was about 12m over sealevel and we started to set up the Equipment.

The first station in log was 47DX101 at 12:15pm and the propagation started to pick up a little bit for 2-3 hours. After 15:00pm the conditions drops totally out and we decided to make a small BBQ on the Island. Weather was really good with about 20 degrees and a lot of sunshine, but some heavy wind in-between.

Finally we got 78 Stations in Log from 17 DXCCs and we leaved the Island about 21:00pm.