Story 47DX/JY001

Story from 47DX/JY001 activity.

Team 47DX109 Jesper

After having been thinking for a while, to make a DX-expedition from my home island Als as portable station, I decided to do it here in March because the weather forecast looked really good, with almost no wind. No wind is necessary when I put my Bamby antenna up on my 15 m high Spiderbeam pole alone, at the highest point on the island, where the wind sometimes is very strong.

After a short chat with my boss where I told him about my plans, I got free next day, because we had not so much to do in the company. Now, I hurried home to plan the next day's DX-pedition where I first bought some postcards that were sent direct from Asserballe, a small village 500-600 m from the highest point on Als (Hoegebjerg). Then I took my mother with me up to Hoegebjerg, located about 6 km. from my QTH, where she took some pictures of me for uploading at delta After these pictures were taken, I drove home quickly, all the while I thought and hoped Darran had time and inclination to quickly make an announcement on DXRC's webpage. He was fast as always and the page was already on Thursday evening, with information about my DX-expedition next day, Friday.

Next morning I got up early, and after fast breakfast, I packed the car and left, I looked forward to get into the air. In unpacking the car I discovered that I had forgotten the horizontal fiberglass rod which forms the junction of Bamby antenna, fortunately there were only 6 km. to my QTH, the delay to get in the air was only 30 minutes.

At 10:10 utc I was finally QRV, the first three in the log was John 47DX101 with very strong signal, followed by Arne 47PL122, and Roger 3DA012, what a surprise to hear Brazil so early in the day. The first 3 hours I logged about 27 QSO's, then I took a break and got a visit from a radio friend also with QTH on Als, his callsign is 47RW207 Ronny, he was my photographer at my activation. After the visit, Iam QRV in 4 hours and went QRT at 17:45 utc with 77 QSO's in the log. All in all a good result on poor propagation.

Many thanks to DXRC team for the quick uploading to DXRC webpage, quick feedback and kindness. And big thanks to John 47DX101 for sending spot on, and audio recordings through the day.

Thanks to all who worked me and to those who tried to get in the log, You have all helped to make the day really good and exciting for me.

Vy 73 de Jesper 47DX109.