Story 47DX/JY004

The story of 47DX/JY004 Store Okseo island

Team were 13SD211 Mr. Finn and 47DX109 Mr. Jesper.
Finn and I had talked about for a long time to activate
Store Okseo island JY-004 and that we would do it in the
summer of 2013. But about 3 weeks before the start of the
island festival I said to Finn, that we should do it on 1. and
2. June, in the island festival weekend. Finn agreed and said
it was a great idea, but he was unable to attend the entire
weekend, so he was forced only to be the guest operator.

We decided to meet at the ferry over to Store Okseo island
Friday 31. May at 16.00 UTC, it was the first time I had to
meet with Finn personally, so I was very excited to see how
he was in real life. I am very pleasantly surprised, he is very
helpful and a real pal.

After a sailing trip in about 10 minutes we arrived at Store
Okseo island at 16.45 UTC, where we immediately began
to put up the antenna, then the tent, and finally the radio.
Propagation was low, we was hearing South America a little,
but it's 5 hrs before the island festival starts. In Denmark it
starts at 2:00 local time, which is in the middle of the night.
After we have listened a bit on the radio, we visited the
island's restaurant where we relaxed a little, talked and
drank a beer. At 23:00 local time (21:00 UTC), was we
saying good night to each other, and Finn was taking the
ferry back home. Shortly after did I go to bed, put my cell-
phone on to 2.00 oclock in the night, so I am QRV when
the island festival starts. The propagation was almost
completely closed, but I got 2 QSOs in the log, the first
is Mr. John 47DX101 and number 2 is Mr. Fred 14DA049,
great that I can hear France in the middle of the night.

Saturday morning 1. of June starts with very low propagation, I only logged a few stations throughout the
day, so it starts to get a little boring. Fortunately, Finn and Jessica (Finn's wife) and their daughter came
on a visit Saturday afternoon with homemade muffins and coffee. After a long talk and coffee drinking,
Jessica and daughter went back home. Finn gets back to running the radio, and finally opens the propa-
gation up, late Saturday afternoon/evening. We are lucky and have strong e-skip a few hours, with a
small pileup. The band closed again and Finn was going home at 23:30 local time (21:30 UTC).

Sunday morning 2. of June opens the band up early, with e-skip propagation, so I got many in the log
before Finn again returning to the island around 11:00 local time (9:00 UTC), he runs the radio the last
hour, and got also many in the log before we finally go QRT at 12:19 local time (10:19 UTC).

Status of the island festival is: 231 stations in the log from 20 different DXCC's, with only one contact
outside of Europe, which was 136FR/FM006 Mr. Patrice. All in all are we very satisfied with the result, but
we had hoped to hear more of South America, because propagation was open Friday evening 31. May,
and there is also many island hunters too.

Finally will I thank Finn many times for helping me with the antenna and the tent, as well as to replace
me on the radio. Also thanks for getting me food from Annie's kiosk(Snackbar) in Soenderhav, the place
where the ferry is sailing from, and to drive me home Sunday afternoon, without your help it would have
been very difficult for me to implement Store Okseo island activation.

Vy 73 all.
Thank you for your call.
Greetings from 13SD211 Mr. Finn, and 47DX109 Mr. Jesper