Story 47DX/JY010

Story from 47DX/JY010 activity.

For some time, have I searched for a new Island with easy access via ferry, bridge or dam to activate, the final choice
was Alro island. For Alro island is accessed via a dam, lovely light. But before I made my plans official, was I on a
quick visit to Alro island, 188 km. north of my QTH, to look for a good place to hold the activation, this place found I
very quickly, because the island has fine paved roads. So I decided already on the way home, to return two days later
(31th March), to activate Alro island.

Sunday, on the activations day I left my QTH in the early morning time at 4.45 UTC, WX was fine, with a low
temperature of -2 degrees C, in front of me, I had a driving trip around. 2 hours. The winter here in Denmark, will not
really loosen its grip this year. However, I am lucky, the temperature rises to approx. 7 degrees C during the day, and
making it comfortable to sit in the car while the activation is in progress.

Upon arrival, I put my Bamby up, with help from a local island resident with the name Gunnar. He was very helpful
and a great help for me. Then I took some pictures of my GPS position and Bamby antenna for uploading on
Delta-Xray website, as live sent pictures from the activation. Finally at 8.20 UTC I was in the air and ready to start
my activation, the first in the log was Mr. Soren 47DX002 distance between him and me 156 km. nice large distance.
Unfortunately, there was only 42 stations in the log in total, by those DXCC's 1, 3, 4, 14, 19, 21, 22, 26, 34, 43, 47,
56, 108 and 161 div. The propagation were very poor which meant that most stations only got a report on 5/1.
Before I went QRT at 16.30 UTC I got Miss Mette 47DX088, logged as the last.

Finally, would I like to thank Mr. John 47DX101 and Mr. Leif 47DX054 for support (uploading on DXRC website and
recording) throughout the day, and to send spots on Also many thanks to those who came in the log and
tried to get in it. All of you helped to make the day really good for me, even though I missed a pile up.

Best wishes and good DX to all

Vy 73 de Mr. Jesper 47DX109