Story 47DX/JY014

Story from 47DX/JY014 activity.

This year Jesper and me decided to activate Kalvų Island during IF2016. Kalvų was already activated by John (47DX101) in 2009 but he didnt got many stations in log cause of propagation. We thought that it would be a second chance for them which didnt make the Log in 2009.
Already on 22. of april, we made a small trip to see the surroundings on Kalvų. Its a small Island with a little port and a hotel. You can travel by car from mainland to Kalvų, but most of the Island is a nature reserve. Driving on the island is a absolutely "no-go" Its only allowed to use the parking lot from the hotel. Not the best situation to find a near and good location with all our equipment.

On Saturday the 04.06.2016 we drove from Jesper“s home to Kalvų arround 8:15 UTC and arrived the Island at 9:00UTC. It was very hot this morning (29 C) so we decided to operate near beach.
In less then 30min the equipment was set up and we started arround 10:00UTC with the activation. The first station which get logged was 47DX101 and the propagation started to pick up very slowly. Most of our contacts was very short burst and the band did not open well during activation.
At 15:00UTC the WX change rapidly and a thunderstorm reached Kalvų, so we decide to stop activation and wrap up our equipment. We leaved the Island at 15:30UTC again and drove a bit dissatisfied home.

Thanks to all station who worked us and we are sorry for all hunters/activators about situation we had.

We look positive to the next year.

73s Jesper & Finn.