Story 47DX/NJ005

Story from 47DX/NJ005 activity.

Story of 47DX/NJ005 Venoe island.

Time flies by and now itís 2 years ago since my last activity. I decided to do Venoe island which had already been in the air by a Delta-Xray member, last time was by Leif 47DX047(now R.I.P.) in 2005. I choose this island, because Leif ďonlyĒ got 30 stations in the log at that time so I knew it would generate big interest out there to work for many island hunters.

Venoe island has the shortest ferry trip in Denmark and we arrived at the island 2 to 5 minutes after departure. The first we did was to look for a place to stay, we quickly found it, it was on the southeast side of the island where there is a nice bathing beach. Camping was not allowed there. We therefore drove up in Venoe city at the local grill for dinner, here did we ask the owner about to stay on the beach where camping not was allowed. She replied, that she could not see an issue in that, so we decided finally to make the activity on that beach.

Nothing was planned from home, we took the chance and drove up on the island around 250 km. each way. Like in the past it turned out to be a good decision, all local people was very kind through the weekend, a few of them even visited me and asked about what I was doing, I of course explained it kindly.

My first CQ was Friday evening at 19:00 until 20:30utc. Prop. was low, but I got 14 stations logged in all that evening. First in the log was Chris 35SR159 with 5/9+ it was a big surprise to hear his voice again after long time and with booming signal, I therefore had a little nice chat with him, thanks Chris.

Saturday morning was I QRV around 7:00utc. Prop. started up slow I was therefore QRV on and off through the day, but at late afternoon around 15:00utc when I was QRT and Darran 26DX047 send me a text message per WhatsApp telling me that the conditions were probably good now. He still needed to enter my log, which would give him a new island. Darran was right, Europe was booming he was also, so he worked me with 5/9++. Big thanks Darran for your SMS and support, itís much appreciated as always.

Afterwards I did call CQ CQ from 47DX/NJ005 Venoe island on T5 and QSYíed to .460 where I got a massive pileup with some rare DXCCís in the log such as 40AT101 Kurt. I only logged him, because Darran 047 called (still with 5/9++) in and said try to listen after 40AT101 who was 5/7. Itís really hard to copy stations with 5/7 when whole Europe is booming with 9++.

If someone now should think then us SPLIT, thatís only helps the hunter not the activator(me), unless I use variable SPLIT. But that is not easy to do, sitting in a car, writing and changing RX freq. 5, 10, 15 kc up and down all the time. So instead did I use all stations PLEASE STANDBY now only this division, unit number, etc. etc. Most stations did then standby, which was big time positive for our magic band 11m., thumbs up ;-).

In the pileup also a lady Kate 26CE001 called in, itís always good to work a lady, because they are really rare nowadays on the radio. Kate recorded me and uploaded the video on her YouTube channel, thanks Kate for the
video and your call, you have a lovely voice on the radio. Also many thanks to Frank 47DX116 who send me the
link to Kateís video of 47DX/NJ005.

Daniel 13IR074 also called in the pileup, he mentioned quick Uli 13DX056 and Wolf 13DX014 who both R.I.P. in 2021 and that he had been on at visit at Uliís house 3 months after his funeral, thanks for info Daniel and your call. It is indeed very sad we lost both within a few days between them.

To get that big pileup I got, was a big pleasure and what we all are dreaming for when we activate a rare island or DXCC. Saturday evening Gert 21GB067 call in, I logged him and he logged me in his log 21GB/50Y. Gert had a nice and stable 5/9++ signal, as prop. was low, did we get a longer QSO in Germany language. After a while started strong QSB and time was come to finish our QSO. My transmission stopped sadly from one second to the next, because of power generator failure, it was the third time that day. I decided to replace the sparkplug with a new one, this seemed to be the issue, the generator ran flawlessly next day(Sunday).

Sunday morning was I QRV from 6:15 until 8:30utc. Prop. was good to South East Europe, 109, 161, 233 and 330 div. 8:30utc was the final QRT.

In all did I got 254 stations logged without any duplicates that weekend, which is my best result ever. Many stations replied to me with thanks for the new IOTA. Well the island is not an IOTA anymore, sorry Guys, I think it is over 20 years ago when it was an IOTA anyway Venoe is true island with water all around and is valid with Danish Island reference number so I think most of you can live with that, because it is still a new island for most of you.

I hope to log you all again on a new island in the future, hopefully will it then be a real IOTA.

Like always many thanks to all for your calls. It helped me a lot to have fun.

Vy 73 de Jesper 47DX109